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Big changes 40 years later

Bill Baird, 75, known as the father of the birth control and abortion movement, was featured on a VH-1 documentary "Sex: The Revolution" on May 13. Baird's case, Baird v. Eisenstadt, legalized birth control for all American citizens in 1972. The documentary showed footage of Baird's 1967 arrest at Boston University at a lecture before 2,500 students. His crime was showing birth control devices and giving away free a condom and a package of contraceptive foam in his efforts to challenge Massachusetts' "Crimes Against Chastity, Morality, Decency and Good Order" statute.

The documentary also showed Baird driving his van into poor areas, talking to people about birth control. Baird lives in Western Massachusetts, but does not want to disclose his location. Even in 2008, Baird is still a controversial figure.

Now battling cancer, Baird is being treated at Massachusetts General Hospital, which is next to the former Charles Street Jail where he was sentenced for challenging the Massachusetts law. The prison has been revamped as the Liberty Hotel.

A photographic display inside the hotel shows Baird's picture. He finds it ironic that the place where he was jailed for handing out a condom now provides them to guests.

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