On display at the posh new Liberty Hotel - In an ironic twist, the Charles Street Jail, where Bill Baird was imprisoned for challenging Massachusetts law "Crimes Against Chastity, Morality, Decency and Good Order" has been converted to the Liberty Hotel.  Bill's photo and other previous conscientious objectors such as the suffragettes are part of a permanent display panel in the hotel's lobby.


In the Spring of 2008, VH1 aired a miniseries on the history of the sexual revolution. Bill Baird's historical role is featured in the second hour presentation.  This VH1 Special shows rare footage of his actual arrest at Boston University in 1967 for giving away one package of contraceptive foam and one condom to an unmarried female student.



Bill Baird is listed as a cast member in director Tony Kaye's acclaimed 2006 documentary on abortion.

The 2008 Planned Parenthood calendar features Bill along with others involved in the reproductive rights struggle. 

The Humanist magazine - In the May/June issue, Bill and Joni Baird are interviewed by editor Jennifer Bardi for her article entitled, "Agitating for Pearls" which discusses activism. 

The ACLU in Massachusetts has included Bill Baird in that organization's Roe v. Wade publication published on January 22, 2008.

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